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PVC clingfilm has been widely and commercially used since the 1950’s to wrap and protect foods such as vegetable, fruit, meat, biscuit, etc. It offers a high clarity, puncture resistant packaging solution that keeps food fresher for longer, allows for quick, visual identification and has literally revolutionised the food industry. Vinyl clingfilm is food grade and manufactured from polyvinyl chloride and is available in various thicknesses, widths, and specifications

Benefits of PVC Clingfilm
  •  Vinyl clingfilm possesses various unique features, such as hygienic, vapour- proof, anti-static etc.
  • Clingfilm’s overriding brand benefit and promise is freshness. It is useful for wrapping a variety of cooked food, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, sweets, meat, seafood and a whole lot more.
  • It preserves the moisture and aroma in foods wrapped in it and keeps cooked food, fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy.
  •  Vinyl Clingfilm ensures lock-tight freshness. Food grade, self-sealing, stretchable and hygienic PVC clingfilm ensures freshness for domestic as well as institutional applications
  •  High rate O2 and CO2 transmission and excellent moisture retention
Clingfilm Compliance Initiative
Clingfilm is one of the vinyl products that is frequently criticised with health concerns over migration levels, use of harmful substances etc. In an effort to address these issues SAVA has launched a Vinyl Clingfilm
Compliance Framework (VCCF) which applies to raw material suppliers, intermediate compounders, converters or film manufacturers and distributors and importers to wholesale and retail market.

SAVA’s Clingfilm Compliance framework creates a detailed guidance document whereby industry members:

  • Sign a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) that all raw materials, intermediates and substances used in the manufacture of their Vinyl Clingfilm, have been Food Approved
  • Agree to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Agree to the use of correct and approved labelling codes together with “Intended Use” information
  • Agree to have their products and documents at every level in supply chain audited by an independent SAVA representative under a signed NDA


    Meeting these standards will be supported by SAVA’s Vinyl-dot brand as a sign of excellence that gives end-users of locally manufactured vinyl products immediate peace of mind and consumer confidence.