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Why is it important to belong to an industry association such as SAVA?

Professionalism, networking, training, career advancement and advocacy are among the benefits of belonging to a professional organisation. In difficult times like the COVID-19 crisis, membership of a professional body is especially important, offering members a platform to connect, to discuss challenges and share knowledge and learnings, as well as crucial support, stability and a sense of community through the uncertainty.

The networking and skills development opportunities provided by membership of a professional body are important for businesses and for individuals at every stage of their career, but especially for young professionals starting their careers.

Membership to SAVA allows you to have a say in the issues that directly impact and influence the vinyls industry. It is important for us to have representation of every sector and across the entire value chain. Your participation and opinion matters!

SAVA has three categories of membership, namely a Full Membership for corporates with an annual turn-over of more than R10 million, and a specially discounted rate for SMME companies with an annual turn-over of less than R10 million.

We have also recently introduced a third category of membership for Non-Profit Organisations (NPO’s). For more information, please email

Watch this video to find out more about SAVA, our vision and mission and the industry leaders who are our members. 


The Benefits of SAVA Membership


Advocacy is another important function of a professional organisation. SAVA is a representative body for the local vinyl industry and fulfills an active role in ensuring the growth and sustainability of the industry. With the support of its members, SAVA addresses vinyl related issues and constructively engages with stakeholders and role-players to create a positive environment for a vibrant and sustainable vinyl industry.<br /> SAVA is an active member of the Global Vinyl Council (GVC) and Vinyl Plus, giving us access to the world leaders in vinyl production, recycling and legislation. This global network allows us to keep our members informed of global developments, but also offer us a valuable repository of knowledge and scientific data to ensure South Africa is up to date with international trends and research findings as they relate to PVC.


When you are first starting out in the field, belonging to a professional organisation helps to establish legitimacy. While you may not yet be part of a well-known company, being a member of an industry body adds to your professional brand and credibility when applying for jobs. It gives you access to a network of seasoned industry professionals from diverse backgrounds, including potential mentors. Their experience, expertise and guidance will help you to expand your knowledge and advance in your career.

Training & career advancement

SAVA regularly hosts workshops, conferences and training sessions in response to the needs that are identified in the marketplace or in order to address changes in the PVC landscape. Our regular “Introduction to PVC” course is presented by industry leaders representing various sectors, and offer delegates an in-depth introduction and orientation to the vinys industry, manufacturing processes, chemical compositions etc. We also host international industry-specific conferences that allow our members and other interested parties to gain first-hand exposure to world PVC leaders visiting our shores upon invitation from SAVA. SAVA members receive priority registration and special discounts to conferences, workshops and seminars.


Attending events enables members to grow their networks beyond their own organisation and their colleagues. They have opportunities to interact with competitors, to build relationships across a diverse range of industries and discuss trends and innovations. Connecting with like-minded members of a professional organisation can open doors to new career opportunities.


Members are encouraged to use the SAVA logo and Vinyl. on their communications and promotional material as a vehicle to visibly demonstrate their commitment to Extended Producer Responsibility to customers and supply chain.

Market leader

Being a SAVA member and signatory to the Product Stewardship Commitment (PSC) demonstrates to your clients that your business leads the market in terms of innovation, environmental responsibility and sustainability.