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Conduct research of strategic interest to the vinyl industry.


Expand key markets and protecting the stature of the industry, identify barriers to growth and stimulate innovation.

Market development:

Provide the industry with leadership and strategic direction to ensure excellence in relation to health and environmental issues and product stewardship.


Ensure that the local vinyl industries priorities are communicated to government, regulatory agencies and civil society - to shape the future of the industry; Identify and prioritise legislative and regulatory issues affecting vinyl and develop relevant strategies for dealing with them; Represent industry interests in appropriate regulatory processes and in the setting of standards and development of legislation; Identify and develop an approach in dealing with codes, standards and eco-labels impacting the vinyls industry on international and national level.


Enhance communication with key internal and external audiences on the benefits of vinyl and other relevant industry issues; Provide industry specific training and be seen as the "go-to" source of industry information, be the collective voice, facilitate knowledge sharing on research, technology, legislative, health, safety, energy and environmental issues.

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