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“Touching and improving lives with Vinyl”

There are over 5 million orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa with 12,000 being added every month, and hundreds of thousands of child-headed households. LIV Lanseria is home to 38 children and reaches more than 2,500 children each day. Nine programs provide a variety of services to the informal communities around Lanseria Airport. 

SAVA is proud to have “adopted” LIV Lanseria as our Corporate Social Responsibility Project, and aims to help improve the lives of these children with vinyl. This home to 38 orphaned children also impacts the lives of 2,500 children from surrounding areas.  

Currently LIV Lanseria has one aftercare centre where all the children go to do their homework, research, projects and where they are cared for after school hours. There is no separate area for different age groups – which means the pre- graders are playing while matric students are studying. This is obviously not an ideal situation, and as SAVA we decided that we would like to build them a new after-school centre and, if possible, also new ablution facilities.

Estimated Budget for the projects 

We will need approximately R500,000.00 to complete the project based on the current Bill of Materials (BOM). 

The proposed timeline of the project is 12 months – starting from March 2021 and depending on how soon SAVA can garner the necessary funding, materials and donations. As a registered charity organisation, LIV Lanseria will issue a section 18A certificate and BEE points for every donation received. 

If you or your company are able to donate any of the materials or services required, it will mean a significant saving!

LIV Lanseria

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